Zoology Laboratory
‘Zoology’ is a branch of classical Biology that deals with the study of wonderful life of animals, hence also known as ‘Animal Sciences’. Though evolved as a branch of classical science, Zoology today has many applicative branches that play a crucial role in the scientific, social and economic development of the society.
The Department of Zoology was established in the SSR College of Arts, Commerce and Science in the year 2006. The Department offers a full time three year Bachelor’s Programme in Zoology. The subject knowledge is delivered through theory lectures and practical that enable students to learn the basic techniques in animal experimentation that shall further enhcance their confidence to pursue their Masters Degree.

Course Details
  • The fisrt year of Bachelor's programme follows an Annual pattern wherein students are admitted to the Biology group and subjects offered are Zoology, Botany & Microbiology, along with are the subsidary subjects as per the designed curriculum
  • The second and third year of Bachelor's programmes follows a Semester pattern, with four semester in two years
  • In the second year i.e. Semester III & IV, the same set of subjects as offered in the first year are continued
  • In the third year i.e. Semester V & VI, students study core Zoology with no other subjects and that earns them their Bachelor's Degree in Zoology
  • The curriculum followed is as prescribed by the University of Pune
  • The three degree programme aims to offer a complete understanding of Zoology, ranging from the classical branches like Animal Systematics & Diversity of Animals, Evolutionary Biology, Morphology, Anatomy, and Physiology to the applied branches like Developmental Biology, Endocrinology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Applied Zoology, Environment Biology, Ecology and Toxicology
Facilities in the Department of Zoology
  • The Department has sound infrastructure with well illuminated and well ventilated classrooms and laboratory to cater the needs of the Bachelor's Programme
  • In addition to the traditional chalk & board, the classrooms are equipped with multi-media projection facility which also is the need of the hour
  • The study material includes charts, models, slides, specimens, equipments etc. of course in addition to the sizable collection of books in the library
  • The Zoology Lab is well equipped with all the basic equipment, instruments, apparatus, slides and specimens required to run the Bachelors' programme. To mention a few are Dissecting Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, Binocular Light Microscopes, Camera Lucida, pH Meter, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Digital Weighing Balance etc
Career Prospects in Zoology
Having pursued the three year Bachelors’ Degree in Zoology, student can proceed for their Masters’ Programmes in various branches of ‘Life Sciences’. However, with a successful completion of Bachelors’ Degree, students can explore the following sectors as their career prospects:
  • Proceed for B.Ed. (Bachelors' in Education) to take up teaching positions in schools
  • Teaching in higher education, academic institutes/colleges/universities (only after completing Masters' Degree)
  • Civil Services like, Indian Forest Service (IFS)
  • Research Officer in Pharmaceutical Industry having animal experimentation facility
  • Career in Research as a Scientist in reputed National & International Research Institutes (only after completion of Masters' Degree)
  • An Entrepreneur in Apiculture, Sericulture, Fish & Aquaculture, Poultry & Pest Control Services
  • A Curator in the Natural History Museum or Zoological Garden
  • Other Government Departments like, Fisheries Dept., Dept. of Vector Borne Diseases, Public Health, Pollution Control Boards etc
On the whole the Bachelors’ Degree in Zoology shall enable a student to become a multifaceted individual in the society and excel in his career in any of the fields with his determination and hard work.
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