Principal Message


On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to offer my warm welcome to all the students at the SSRACS. SSRACS is a vibrant educational community of exemplary standards, with commitment to high quality education, and rigorous academic environment, since the beginning.


SSRACS has been offering recognized courses in the heart of city of Silvassa, that have led the students either to a successful professional career, or continuous studies at various prestigious Universities in India and abroad. In addition to quality education, the college provides continuous support and assistance to the students in achieving their potential goals.


We want you to make the most out of your time with us and take advantage of the experience of others. In addition to education, we have range of cultural, artistic, sporting and social opportunities to enhance your student experience. We offer assistance in finding a job, a job placement.


The college is dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledge and creation of ideas through excellence. The combination of our rich academic heritage and treatment makes the college unique experience of life time.


SSRACS makes one of Silvassa’s great institutions.We are committed to hard work, which brings its intellectual strength to benefit all of the communities.


SSRACS has such a vibrant and distinctive environment for studies. That makes SSRACS an exciting and very special college. You may be studying Commerce, Business Management, Computer Application or Arts or Science at UG or PG level, or this may be your first experience in Higher Education.


I wish you every success, hope that you have a great time with us.






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