• B.A (Bachelor of Arts)
      • Eligibility :

An applicant who has passed H.S.C Examination or an equivalent examination of any statutory Board of University with English as a subject is eligible for admission to 1st year B.A Degree course. Change of subject once offered is not allowed, unless it is brought to the notice of the authorities within 15 days of admission.

      • F.Y.B.A – Number of Seats Available : 120) (Total No. of Subjects : 06)
        1. Compulsory English – Visionary Gleam: A Selection of Prose and poetry
        2. Optional English- Interface: English Literature and Language
        3. General Psychology
        4. Political Science -Indian Government and Politics
        5. History- Chhatrapati Shivaji and His Times
        6. Economics- Indian Economy- Problems and Prospects
      • S.Y.B.A. – Number of Seats Available: 120) (Total No. of Subject: 07)
        1. Compulsory English – Literary Landscapes
        2. Environmental Awareness
        3. Any Three general subjects to be selected out of the following subjects
        4. Psychology- Social Psychology
        5. Political Science- Government and Politics of U.K; U.S.A
        6. History – Modern India
        7. Economics- Money and Banking
        8. English- Study of English Language & Literature
        9. Any one subject out of the three opted above will be special subject, having Paper-I & II
        10. Specialization as follows:
        11. Psychology
        12. I- Abnormal Psychology
        13. II- Developmental Psychology
        14. Political Science
        15. I- Western Political Thought
        16. II- Political Sociology
        17. History
        18. I- Ancient India
        19. II- Medieval India
        20. Economics
        21. I Micro Economics
        22. II- Macro Economics
        23. Optional English
        24. I- Appreciating Drama
        25. II- Appreciating Poetry
      • T.Y.B.A – Number of Seats Available: 120) (Total No. of Subject: 06)
        1. Compulsory English
        2. The general and special papers as in S.Y.B.A to be continued.
      • Scope After BA

Faculty of Arts, a branch of Humanities, is the Pearl of SSR College of ACS. Since 2006 the Faculty of Arts has been providing tremendous opportunities to the students of Dadra & Nagar Haveli & other States to succeed in leaps & bounds despite of their heterogeneous Languages, Social Classes & Financial Positions.

 Faculty of Arts runs five special subjects at the Undergraduate Level, namely; English, Political Science, Economics, Psychology & History. It has a very rich history of students. The pass out students have succeeded in acquiring various genres of human life; like Social Service, Journalism, Sports, Research, Law, Teaching, Defense, Administration, etc.

Vision Statement: We, the members of Arts Faculty, always strive to facilitate knowledge with wisdom; aim to make our students the able Citizens; to take our students on an endeavor paving the paths of Glory unto the Future.

Career and Scope in English

      • As an international language, English subject has vast scope in the fields of Education, Business and trades, Cultural Exchange, International Politics and Diplomacy, Literature Writing, Editing, Publishing, Proof-Reading etc. The few names which can specify the scope of English subject are as below:
      • As a Subject in Schools; Arts, Science, Commerce faculty; Engineering, Nursing, Law courses etc.
      • As a language for journalism on TV, Newspapers, in Magazines, Advertising and Publications etc.
      • As a means for creative writing for the scripts of the Movies and TV serials, scripts for developing websites, for Writing Lyrics, Poems, Plays, Novels, and Stories etc.
      • As a communication skills trainer in Corporate Sector, BPO and KPO centers.
      • As a translator for the Publications, in the Govt. Political Institutes.
      • As a tool for the research in the field of humanities e.g. Communication Skills, Cultural Studies etc.
      • As a major subject in all the competitive Exams – UPSC, MPSC, SSC, Bank Exams etc.
      • One can do M. Phil/ Ph. D. after Post-Graduation and can join criticism field and become a review writer for a publishing House.

Career and Scope in Psychology

    • Psychology is one of the most popular subjects of Arts Faculty which has got very promising career options. Following career options are available after doing a B.A. in Psychology.
    • One can pursue Masters in Counseling Psychology or P.G. Diploma in Guidance counseling and can become counselor in schools//colleges /hospitals etc. Since many education boards has made it compulsory to have a counselor in school , demand is rapidly increased
    • After B.ED.in Special Education one can become special Educator. Supreme Court of India has instructed all the educational institutions to have a special educator to promote inclusive education.
    • One can also pursue M.S.W. in Psychiatric rehabilitation and can become Psychiatric Social worker.
    • After M.A./M.Phil in Clinical Psychology one can work in hospitals as Clinical Psychologist or can get license to open own practice or can open testing and therapy centers.
    • After M.A. in Organizational Psychology/Organizational Behavior one can work in Human Resource Development department in corporate sector.
    • Besides this like any other subject one can teach at senior secondary /graduate and post graduate level after doing B.Ed. /NET/Ph.D. as per norms.

Career and Scope in Political Science

Political science is a social science that is associated with principles and practice of politics as well as interpretation and analysis of political system .Following are some key fields where Jobs can be found after studying political science.


History is a social science subject this is a part from giving a person a very good insight to the past, this subject will help a person to explore what all is left behind and what all elements connect thus to the ancient forefathers.

    • Civil Services (UPSC-optional,PSC,SSC,BANKING & Other Competitive Exam)
    • Archeologist
    • Iconographic
    • Indian Numismatics
    • Musicology
    • Manuscript Logy
    • Epigraphy
    • Information Manager
    • Librarians
    • Tourist Guidance
    • Charity & Voluntary Sector
    • Probationary Officer
    • Journalism
    • B.Ed.