The schematic representation below presents an overview of the institutional General Administration. Participative management in the college is also ensured through a systematically prepared duty list. The outcomes of these duties are monitored and assessed at the end of every session.

College Development Committee

All academic matters fall under the Academic committee headed by the College Development Committee and Principal. The academics quality and standard are maintained under the four-pillar system of Management ie. Principal, HOD’s, Class Teachers/Mentors and all teaching staff.

Management deals with all Finance maters along with the Administration, Purchase committee is a part of this. This committee is responsible for the purchase of equipment, glassware, chemicals and infrastructure boost.

Respective HOD’s are trusted with academic qualities in their departments.Office Staff , Library Staff, Exam Department are also actively involve in academic administration. 

Many Other Committees like Discipline, Anti Raging, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Maintenance etc. are playing the vital role in all administrative work.