Department of Microbiology

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About the department-

With tremendous potential in basic research and applied sciences the discipline of ‘microbiology’ is one of the most critical components of modern day science. It includes the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, archaea, algae,fungi and protozoa etc . It studies their interaction with their environments as well as how these organisms are harnessed in human endeavour and their impact on society. The study has its extensions in various other conventional and advanced fields of biology by employing microbes as study models. Since inception of microbiology as a branch of science, it has remained an ever-expanding field of active research, broadly categorized as pure and applied science. Microorganisms were discovered over three fifty years ago and it is thought that a huge diversity yet remains to be explored.

Knowledge of different aspects of Microbiology has become crucial and indispensable to

the society. Study of microbes has become an integral part of education and human progress. There is a continuous demand for microbiologists as work force – education, industry and research.Career opportunities for the graduate students are available in industry and research equally.

  • The department of microbiology at SSR College of Arts Commerce and Science was established in the year 2006.
  • Bieng First Microbiology department in Dadra & Nagar Haveli and nearby area it aims to
  • Generate quality Microbiologist with basic theoretical knowledge and good
  • practical hand
  • Continuously enrich and update the students in various fields of Microbiology
  • The department has highly experienced and qualified staff with their experties in various branches of microbiology .
  • The department has good infrastructure with all the basic as well as modern equipments along with good learning resourses.
  • The department undertake detailed graduate level teaching, which enables students to qualify post graduate level examinations, compitative examinations or to secure his career in industry .

B.SC. Microbiology –

Bachelers /graduate level curricula is followed to impart basic knowledge of the respective subject from all possible angles. In addition, students are to be trained to apply this knowledge in day-to-day applications and to get a glimpse of research.

Objectives to be achieved:

• To enrich students’ knowledge and train them in the pure microbial sciences

• To introduce the concepts of application and research in Microbiology

• To inculcate sense of scientific responsibilities and social and environment awareness

• To help students build-up a progressive and successful career

Course Structure:

• For First year Bsc : Student has to select 4 different subjects among the subjects

offered by the College /Institute.( ex. Microbiology/botony/zoology/chemistry)

• For Second year Bsc: Student has to select 3 different subjects among 4 subjects

chosen in first year.(ex.Microbiology/botony/zoology) + one language subject


• For Third year Bsc: Student has to select only 1 principle subject(ex. Microbiology)

among the 3 subjects opted in second year

F. Y. B.Sc. Microbiology


S. Y. B. Sc. Microbiology

T. Y. B. Sc. Microbiology Proposed Structure

Sr. No.

Name of the Teacher

National/ International Conferences





Mr. Shantanu Mishra

National Seminar on Recent Trends in Science and Technology





Mr. Mahesh Khairnar

National Seminar on “Applied Microbiology for Globe protection.”



Jan 13


National Seminar on “Advances in Microbiology and interdisciplinary approaches”


Jan 14


Workshop on “Research based application of quantitative techniques in science”



Feb 16


National seminar on ‘Recent trends in science and technology”



Feb 17

Organization of seminar/workshop

  • Seminar on sickle cell anemia awareness
  • Seminar on say no to tobacco

Under Construction…


Apart from regular curriculum tye department is actively involved in following extra and cocurricular activities.

  • Medical Health Check up Camps.
  • Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness and Screening Test.
  • Tobacco Control Programme
  • Medical Awareness on Leprosy
  • Medical Awareness on Tuberculosis.
  • Tree plantation
  • Cleanliness Drives
  • Celebration of “World Aids Day”
  • Student Participated in
  • Disaster Management workshop organized by Fire Bridged Silvassa
  • Walk for young women’s Dignity organized by Bramhakumari
  • Static model/Working Model/poster presentation competition in Science ensemble organized by SSR Collge of ACS
  • Student Secured First position in Poster making competition organized by KBS Haria College , Vapi. And SSR IMR

As per the syllabus of undergraduate programand to get exposure to future research students the department organise study visits to reknown research institutes and industries all over india. The department had organised following study visits

Visits to Research institutes-

  • Visit to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi
  • Visit to School of Life Science ,JNU, Delhi
  • Visit to Dept Of Microbiology and Bharat Chattoo Genome Research Center Vadodara
  • Visit to IISC and TERI Bangalore
  • Visit to IIT pawai

Indusrtial visits

  • Visit to Sula Winery Nashik
  • Visit to Amul Milk Industry at Anand, Gujrat
  • Visit to vasudhara Dairy ,Gujrat


Other visits-

Visit to Common Effluent Treatment Plant ,Vapi

Visits to Idian red cross society Blood Bank, Silvassa



MR .Shantanu S. Mishra ,

Assistant Prof and Head Of Department,

Edu.Quali. – M.Sc. , MH-SET, Persuing Ph.D.

Experience – 13 years

Contact – 9904301084,

Biodata –

Mr. Mahesh C Khairnar,

Assistant Prof,

Edu.Quali. – M.Sc. , NET, Persuing Ph.D.

Experience – 09 years


Biodata –

M r . Prathamesh Kulkarni ,

Assistant Prof.

Edu.Quali. – M.Sc. , NET, G-SET,MH-SET, GATE

Experience – 2 years

Contact- 8329035574,

Biodata –